we all need Peace

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Somehow it just seems right — no, necessary — to start 2017 out with Peace as the theme of this blog. There are so many ways to move toward peace, and not all of them are the right way. While I can’t claim to have figured it out, I do know that dedicating this past year to Peace Corps has been the right thing to do. With roughly 6 weeks of service left, it is a particularly poignant time for reflection.

To pick on a particular topic, language has played a huge role in getting to know the people of Georgia, and has helped build a cultural bridge. It hasn’t been easy. Georgian is a unique language, only spoken in this one country (and by the huge diaspora, of course). The script is unique, the blend of consonants difficult to wrap my throat around, and most of my co-workers prefer that I speak English so they can learn. Nonetheless, I’ve managed a little. I can confidently say

I know a little Georgian   ვიცი ქართული ცოტა   (pro. veet-see kar-tu-li tso-ta)

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