Job Description

The Rioni River from the White Bridge in Kutaisi, not far from my office.

Peace Corps Mission

To promote world peace and friendship by fulfilling three goals.

Peace Corps Goals

  1. To help the people of interested countries in meeting their need for trained men and women
  2. To help promote a better understanding of Americans on the part of the peoples served
  3. To help promote a better understanding of other peoples on the part of Americans

Core Expectations for Peace Corps Volunteers

 As a trainee and Volunteer, we are expected to do the following:

  1. Prepare your personal and professional life to make a commitment to serve abroad for a full term of 27 months.
  2. Commit to improving the quality of life of the people with whom you live and work and, in doing so, share your skills, adapt them, and learn new skills as needed.
  3. Serve where the Peace Corps asks you to go, under conditions of hardship if necessary, and with the flexibility needed for effective service.
  4. Recognize that your successful and sustainable development work is based on the local trust and confidence you build by living in, and respectfully integrating yourself into, your host community and culture.
  5. Recognize that you are responsible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for your personal conduct and professional performance.
  6. Engage with host country partners in a spirit of cooperation, mutual learning, and respect.
  7. Work within the rules and regulations of the Peace Corps and the local and national laws of the country where you serve.
  8. Exercise judgment and personal responsibility to protect your health, safety, and well-being and that of others.
  9. Recognize that you will be perceived, in your host country and community, as a representative of the people, cultures, values, and traditions of the United States of America.
  10. Represent responsibly the people, cultures, values, and traditions of your host country and community to people in the United States both during and following your service.

Join Peace Corps!

NGO Advisors in Georgia

Nonprofit Advisors contribute to Georgia’s efforts to build a strong democratic and economically sound society. Through this project, Volunteers will help citizens of Georgia, particularly youth, women, and vulnerable populations, to attain improved social and economic well-being.

Volunteers are placed in small cities, towns, and villages to work with local non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, regional youth departments, educational centers, departments of local municipalities, or other not-for-profit or governmental organizations. You will serve as a facilitator, advisor, mentor, and consultant to your organization and community. You will work closely with local counterparts and community members to design and implement projects and activities to build individual and organizational capacity in a variety of areas such as employability skills, financial literacy, project design and management skills, grant writing, fundraising, information technology, marketing, advocacy, and networking.

You are not expected to identify problems but rather to help your partners identify strengths and build on individual, organizational, and community assets. You will join your partners on an exploration of the best of what is and the best of what might be. If you focus in this way, you will work on project activities that are designed to be sustainable both during service and after you finish service.

Required Skills

Competitive candidates will meet or exceed the following criteria:
* BA/BS in any discipline and 2 years management or organizational development experience with non-profit organizations; or
* BA/BS in any discipline and 2 years of experience in a leadership role (involved in long-term organizational and resource development) of a non-profit, community based organization; or
* MA/MS in a discipline with an emphasis in non-profit management, public administration, or organizational development; or
* 5 years full-time management or organizational development experience with non-profit organizations.

Desired Skills

Successful candidates will also meet or exceed the following criteria:
* Strong commitment to organizational capacity building and working closely with fledgling organizations;
* Creativity and experience consulting, mentoring, or coaching organizational leaders or workers;
* Experience with youth in the areas of informal education, employability skills development, summer camps, or volunteerism/community service;
* Experience with one or more of the following: non-profit development, financial management, budgeting, training, human resource development, strategic planning, project development, grant writing, fundraising, event management, marketing, public relations, advocacy civic participation, or public administration;
* Excellent communication, interpersonal, and networking skills and solid computer skills;
* Ability to establish strong working relationships with organizational leaders, employees, youth, and community members;
* Interest and curiosity in Georgian culture and a willingness to integrate into a new culture and community;
* Demonstrated self-reliance, self-motivation, initiative, flexibility, and open mindedness;
* Strong sense of professionalism and a desire to contribute to the development priorities of the people of Georgia.
For more details, see the Peace Corps Georgia website.